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April 2016

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 April 2016

Leesburg Edition!!

Greetings from your President  

Knights we are starting a recruiting drive!! Here is how it works, if you recruit 2 people that join, pay dues and come on at least 1 ride you get a prize! The prizes are a free Knights shirt, or 1 year free membership! Make sure when you get someone to join, they put sponsored by in their intro!! If you would like some business cards, just ask Will. Good luck everyone. Let's spread the good word! The contest start May 1st and will end July 30th.

Under The Leather and Behind The Shades
Under the leather and behind the shades stands a biker. We ride for the sense of freedom it gives us. The encouragement to take the road less traveled in the chance that we may encounter something new. We ride for the friendships we make along the way, as well as, the solitude of the open road. We don’t really care what you ride, just that you do.
Under the leather and behind the shades is a beating heart. A heart filled with compassion that on any given day will be riding for those in need. Ask one of us for help, but don’t be surprised when all of us show up.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands a proud American. We are as diverse a group of people that you could possibly assemble. We are men, women, tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, retirees, military, civilian and on and on and on. We stand silently with reverence and one voice that, in the silence, can be overwhelming.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands an invited guest to the funeral of a soldier that we most likely have never met. We hold the flag of our nation as a tribute to the greatest sacrifice anyone can make. Out of respect for the fallen, we travel to stand firm for a family, a community and a nation to lean on.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands a biker with sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of our own. Beneath the rough exterior we tremble and weep at your loss. You may not see that, for we are there to support you. That’s why we stand so silently under the leather and behind the shades.

Knights, as you can see by this newsletter, our "story" is sometimes told by the pictures that we take. I'd like to invite everyone to take photos of what we makes for a good Tale(tail)!!


CORE Members, 
We need Tailgunners, and Road Capt.'s  
Please see Will .
Central Florida Chapter Knights...Please ask Neal about getting your PATCH !!

While we try to mix up our rides as much as possible, it's highly unlikely that I'm going to please everyone all the time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the rides that  have been on our schedule so far. I am always looking for feedback and new ideas.
Your participation is what makes this club great. We want to see YOU on the next ride!!!!!

Rich Cupini 4/3
Vern Gorham 4/28/
Tim McKim 4/20/65

Knights did I miss your Birthday.....sorry, let me know and I'll make sure to get ya next time.


Since 1976, South Florida has been the stopping ground for Force-E.

south florida dive flag
We treat our customers like we run our business, like family. With nerarly 40 years in the business, we could have gone in a different direction by putting dollars above all else, but that’s just our way. Our success is based on our love of snorkeling and diving, the ocean, conservation, education and community.

We have had a hand at shaping the South Florida dive community as it is now. We had in integral part in building the popularity of the Blue Heron Bridge, one of the most famous U.S. dive sites. In addition, we encourage our customers to be environmentally aware by hosting regular reef clean up, lionfish round ups, and educational seminars. And last, but not least, we like to party. Why is this so important? Well, diving is fun, and we should get together to celebrate it.

Let's welcome one of our new Knights  Ray "Cowboy"

We have been having some great rides  TIMES !!!!!!

April 3, 2016 

Ride and Shoot at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

One thing you can say about the Knights, is we love to shoot!! We had a great day for a ride and shoot at  Okeechobee Shooting Sports. We took a nice ride down some back roads and made our way down the dirt road to get to the range. Cowboy was nice enough to work with me on  my shooting since he's a competitive shooter. Within 15 minutes he had me shooting much better. After we headed to the Crossroad Diner for a great Country lunch. The weather was perfect for the entire ride. For those of you that like to shoot, you should come with us we always have a ball. For those of you that have never shot, or would like to see what kind of gun to buy, these ride and shoot days are perfect for just that.

Rick Pirozzoli said" Great ride n' shoot . Nice to meet Cowboy and get some pointers"

Lightsey Fish & seafood, and Lake ride  April 10

Topcat, Joe and I had a great ride out to Lightsey Fish & seafood restaurant. We headed out in perfect weather to an old favorite. While on the road, we meet up with another group and we invited them to come along with us. Turned out to be a great ride and a great day.

Joe Ciancio (cão) Said " Great ride. Thanks to Will , Rick and Jan. Food was good we met up with some other riders."

Archies April 17

Well the original plan of going to the Sebring Bikefest was rain out!!
So we went to plan B and headed out to Archies . We had a great group with David , Boston, Keith and I. The weather held for us and we took the beach up to Indian River Drive. Always a picturesque road. 

richard Boston said" It was a good place to eat and relax and listen to the music! Awesome day and the scenery was great"

Leesburg Bikefest 2016

I have to say that this was one of the best Leesburg Fest we have been to. We got a little bit of a late start as Vern was having some bike trouble. We waited for him and got on the road about 10:30. The ride up was spectacular. We took every back road I knew including Arbuckle creek in Lorida. I just felt so good riding down those stress free roads that I couldn't help but smile. The smell of the Orange Blossoms and the perfect cool weather was just what we needed. We stopped for lunch at a small country place I knew and had a nice break.  When we got to the hotel, we were met by the Central Florida chapter President Neal "Stogie" and one of his core members Steve Rydell. Vern left us and went into lessburg to go camping, we kept in touch with him through out the weekend...seems he had a good time. The rest of us decided that the weather was too threatening to ride. Luckily, there was a real nice restaurant right next door. After, we hung out by the pool and just chilled....
The next day Neal took us on what had to be one of the best rides I have ever been on in Florida. Twisty roads through tree-lined forest in perfect weather! We stopped often enough to have a very relaxing day. We were met by some more CF Knights members for lunch. After lunch we headed into Leesburg, (with a minor detour). Leesburg was bigger and better than any year I've seen it. It was filled with people , vendors and food....who could ask for more. We ate dinner that nigh at the Cooked Spoon. That place has the best food by far. Sundays ride back for Boston and I was almost perfect....almost. Ya see there was this DEER!!! OK, at 12:00 noon aren't they suppose to be sleeping! As we were riding down the road just outside Bassinger, with no car anywhere, this Deer decided to walk...not run...walk right in front of us. Got within 2 feet! Good thing I saw her and slowed to about 15MPH. Boston road up to me and said..(.in a Boston accent) "What the F@#$K was that!!  Me being the quick minded individual I am replied...: a Deer"
We then stopped at the Okeechobee airport for lunch and laughed about it. Can't wait till next year.

will said" Best leesburg weekend ever! Thank you Stogie for a perfect ride. It was great meeting Steve "Bigwheel" Rydell and the rest of the CF Chapter. A big thank you to Boston for doing an excellent job as tail gunner! Can't wait for the GA trip."

richard Boston said" AWESOME ! "

Georgia trip planning meeting.

We will be meeting at Hurricanes to discuss this Summers Georgia trip. There is still time to make your reservations and come along. Just check on our website for info!!

 Throw back pic of the month!!

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