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January 2015

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Monthly Newsletter January 2015

Greetings from your President   

From some research I've done!!
Motorcycle Tip - 10 Simple Motorcycle Cleaning Tips
  1. try a dab of dishwashing liquid on the inside surface of your helmet visor. Rub well, til clear, it reduces fogging.
  2. Avon Skin-So-Soft, any kind, even the spray-on body lotions will take off chain overspray faster than anything. DO TAKE CARE NOT TO SPRAY ON ANY PAINT. Instead, spray a clean rag, then get to work on the spokes, chain guard and under the rear fender.
  3. WD-40 is a true miracle spray. Spray a clean rag with it, then wipe down the front of your bike, the headlights, leading edges of the handlebars, etc. Bugs won't stick at all. I've found WD-40 better than wax on headlights and metal.
  4. Can't find any Avon products? Try a citrus based spray cleaner to get the chain gunk off. Again, don't spray the bike part, spray the rag instead.
  5. Oven cleaner gets rid of boot marks on chrome exhaust pipes quite quickly. Be careful NOT to get any of the oven cleaner on any paint. You may want to mask off any painted surfaces with cardboard to ensure that the oven cleaner stays on the pipes. While wearing rubber gloves, saturate a rag with oven cleaner. Apply rag to exhaust pipe(s). Let sit for 10 minutes or so. Using a wooden spatula, gently scrape the gunk off. Repeat as necessary, finishing with a clear water rinse, and the wax of your choice.
  6. Avon bubble bath is a good choice to use when cleaning your textile gear. Add a capful to a sinkful of hot water. To remove bug residue, saturate a rag with the solution, wring gently, then wipe the textile item. It removes bugs, grime around the wrist areas, and when used inside the textile item, it removes sweat and odors.
  7. Have a leather jacket that's getting funky inside? Try Fabreeze. Spray lightly, hang the item so it's open. Let dry. Works like a charm!
  8. Zippers being difficult? Try wiping a small dab of wax up and down the teeth.
  9. Do your boot eyes tear up your laces? Find the culprit, and coat it with clear nail polish. Reapply as necessary.
  10. If you have leather garments, instead of mink oil or other treatments, use lard instead. Smear the lard on with a clean rag, work it in to the seams, especially. Crank the oven up to about 300 degrees, and hang the item in front of the open oven door on a chair back or the like. A fireplace, even furnace vents work, but an open oven door is best. This works on any leather, saddlebags, chaps, jackets and gloves.
The lard on leather WORKS, if done correctly. The secret is to use the lard heavily, let it melt and be absorbed into the leather and stitching, then buff off any excess. Yes, globs of lard will become rancid, but if it's allowed to be absorbed into the leather, it's one of the very best leather conditioners available.
Many commercial products contain alcohol, which dries the leather. Some products contain silicone, which IMHO is just as damaging. Once you use silicone on anything, you have to keep using it, or it will dry out worse than before the initial application. Many commercial products are petroleum based, which alone (like Vaseline, it's great on leather) works fine, but many of the petroleum based products also contain alcohol. It's a vicious cycle!
Cleaning Bugs and Boot Marks off Exhaust Pipes
I use Blue Magic all-purpose foam cleaner available at most auto parts stores and #0000 steel wool available at paint or woodworking stores.
Note it must be "4-ought" (4 zeros) and NOT #000 or #00 or it will scratch.
Spray a little Blue Magic foam onto a piece of #0000 steel wool and rub out the bugs or boot marks. They come off almost instantly. Wipe off the excess and shine up the chrome with a quick-detailer spray or your favorite wax.
Remove Melted Rubber or Plastic from Mufflers or Chrome
To remove melted plastic or rubber from motorcycle mufflers or chrome, wet a small piece of fine steel wool with WD40 and rub over plastic. Will not scratch metal. Works very well.
A Simple Wax Tip
If you're not a wash and wax type, at least wax the leading edges of your gas tank and front fender.
Bug juice *can* be caustic to paint.
I also wax heavily around the left rear of the fuel cap and filler. If there is any overflow or expansion of fuel, that's where it's going to run.
Wax can save your paint.
DON'T USE WD-40 ON PAINT as a protectant.
Remember: Wax on paint, WD-40 on metal or glass only.

                           Who has the COOLEST VEST ???

At this time we have NEW large patches.. If you'd like to have a club vest let me know.



This is just a friendly reminder asking if you could please pay your yearly dues if you haven’t already done so. We would all appreciate it very much.  It is your dues that helps keep our club running and pays for expenses you may not be aware of, such as the cost of the meet up site, decals, BBQ, Patches, club Banner and other items. Obviously this is part of what helps keeps our club together.
 The cost is only $15.00 for the year and we all get so much enjoyment from being a Knight. We try very hard to not increase dues and have been able to keep it at just $15.

 For those who have paid, we all thank you and appreciate all you do to make our club great.

           How do I pay my Dues !!!! 
We need your support....still only $15/ year

I now can take any payment with my PHONE at any ride !!!

To pay your dues or any other payments to the club, you can pay by Paypal or credit card. Or give cash or check to will!!
go to:

and send money to:

Keith  "GREEN-T........................Jan 7

We have been having some really awesome rides /TIMES: and we have been very busy!!!!!!!!!!!
We had 6 different activities this month.

Shark Valley Ride  January  4th

Well it was time to head back to an area that we in Florida tend to take for granted, The Everglades!! We had the perfect day for a great longer ride into South Miami. I couldn't help but noticed that as we left Palm Beach County, the presence of sport bikes became much more prevalent. It is complicated enough to lead 10 bikes without have idiots doing wheelies in front of me. After stopping at a local restaurant across from the park, we headed into the park with the hopes of seeing some of the best wildlife in the country. We weren't disappointed!!  Alligators, birds, turtles, and more were abundant all along our walk. It was a bonus that we had some new Knights as well as veterans with us. A few Knights chose to head home after lunch, the rest of us headed back after a nice walk in the park where we got to see Vern "Damit" get up close and personal with a 7 foot gator!! OY. The ride home was long and we did get separated as we approached the highway, but everyone got back just before dark.  All in all a fine day.


Vern Gorham said" I didn't see 1 shark all day...but I had a great day & I got to pet 1 gator and eat some tail of another...Good Times...Dammit"

Ride to benefit Jerry parker January 11

As Knights we all know that we have a commitment to each other that goes beyond the "ride".   Our brother Jerry had the misfortune of having a serious accident that put him in a comma for more than 2 months. When I was asked by another club to see if the Knights would be willing to participate in a ride to help him out, I didn't even hesitate. I should mentioned that the Knights had already sent $150 to Jerry's donation page, but he needed us, so we were there. After speaking with Jerry I know that he would want me to tell all of you that he is very grateful not only for the $$(which helped pay his mortgage), but also for the knowledge that he has the Knights looking out for him.  
Jerry is now out of the hospital and on the long road to what we all hope will be a complete recovery. I also would like to thank all the Knights for their support of our brother. KFFK

Neal Alvanos said " Good ride for a good cause. A big thanks to the organizers. Managed to beat the rain home."

Glady's Breakfast Ride January 17

It was time for a more local ride to a place we had attempted to visit before , but were unable to. I had heard that Glady's had pretty good food and was a nice stopping point to go around the Lake.  We had a nice turn out of 12 bikes and a great day weather wise so off we went. We took the road over to 714 right after Indian town and had a nice back road ride almost all the way to Okeechobee. ( except for that dam Racoon that run in front of me!!) The scenery was great on that road, but not as great as when we got in the restaurant. I had thought that there would be a longer wait then there was, but after about 10 minutes we were seated. The server...poor thing was obviously handicapped, I doubt she has seen her feet since she was 12. Those of us who could speak to her while looking in her eyes, were able to order and got a great breakfast at a very reasonable price. The service was excellent!!

We are now FB friends. Turns out that she is a very nice young Mom who had to put up with a bunch a biker trash.... 

We then headed home by the Lake with a nice stop at the Rim. Another perfect day for the record book.... or Newsletter.  Welcome to our new Knights  Steven!!

Tom Justice said "Another great ride. I want 6 months of this weather! !"

Bike Parade South Fl. Fair January 22nd

I missed this event last year and was determined not do so again! I'm glad I did. The time of day made it a little hard for everyone to be there at the meetup time, but we all got in and participated in the parade. At the meetup spot both Skip and Phyllis were given their Knights vest....congratulations!!!
 Unfortunately our brother Skip was feeling ill and couldn't do the ride portion of the event, but we are all glad that he is OK and feeling better. A big thank you to Slick for looking after him , great job!! Part of the fun of doing this event is watching Echoes consume enough fair food to kill the average Knight. Last year it was reported that he had to take out a 2nd mortgage on his home to pay the tab! So this year I was anticipating a little composure, restraint, control, but NOOOOO. OK here it the report(I swear I'm not making it up)
chocolate covered bacon 
Krispy Kreme double bacon cheese burger
crawfish(minus the 1 I stole)
sausage and peppers hero
funnel cake
cinnamon rolls
fire roasted corn
jumbo turkey leg
and a 2 inch thick pork chop
washed down with a Root beer vanilla float and I think a beer.

He must have eaten before he got there. 

A big, and I do mean BIG!! welcome to our newest Knight Brian, he has the makings of a great Knight!

Tommy "ECHOES " Casella Said"  I had all intentions on  bringing home the cinnamon rolls, funnel cake and zeppolies for the family but as I was walking around my stomach was talking to me and I listened.

Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show

This is one of the biggest and one of the best Vintage bike shows in the country. I look forward to it every year, except this year. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was scheduled for the same day. While I hated to missed the ride, there was no way I would not be by my wifes side. I was happy that Greenies took care of everything and everyone. It was good to see that an old friend and new Knight Alvaro join us. I heard Gunner picked a nice place for lunch...good job Gunner.

I did get to meet some future Knights! I'm always recruiting!

Neal Alvanos said "Excellent event and good lunch at Baja Cafe, Deerfield Bch, FL. Nice to meet you Alvaro; look forward to riding with you in the future."

Member of the month

Welcome back to Brother Jerry Parker

Meet the newest Knights

Vern Gorham

Steven Wynns 

Stanley Joseph


he's the big guy!


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