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Monthly Newsletter DECEMBER  2014

Greetings from your President   Will

Well it's that time of year where we spend some time looking  back on the past year. Some say that living in the past can be a dead end. Maybe they're right, but I believe it's all in what you choose to focus on. This past year for the Knights, like any year, was a mixed bag. While we did have some moments when drama or personal issues got in the way, they never stopped us. On the whole those negative moments made up a very miniscule percentage of our time. We have had members come and go, but our club remains to have a strong core! Some of our Brothers and sisters have experienced tragedy, health issues, and personal problems. Some still are overcoming these issues. We have been and will remain to be there for our fellow Knights. 

I have the good fortune to have a more global perspective of our club and I can tell you that what I have witnessed was a group of individuals that come together to give each other support and love. Having been on the receiving end of that love and support, I can tell you that it means a great deal. Perhaps I'm a bit nostalgic, but when I look back on this year, I see so many positive things that have happened. I choose to focus on the babies born, the members joining who have become family, and the friends that will remain until the end. I choose to focus on the beauty of the roads and sights we have shared. I choose to focus on the places we've been and the places we have yet to find. I choose to focus on the good feelings just being able to be around the Knights and to be able to watch them overcome adversities. I choose to focus on the many people we have interacted with on the 10,000+ miles we have ridden together, and the memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

 While  members have all different levels of commitment and involvement, I'm always happy to see everyone who chooses to come with us on our journeys. This year began with a ride to Lozano's mexican restaurant in Immokalee and will end with a ride to  .  The coming year holds nothing but promises of good time and brotherhood. Every ride we go on together brings us closer as a club and as a family. I now will start looking to the future excitement that is 2015. The next year will be filled with adventure, friendship, love, support and real feeling that we belong to something meaningful. 

I thank you all for some of the best parts of my life!

your brother,

Who has the COOLEST VEST ???

At this time we are out of large patches.. We have started a waiting list, if you wish to be put on the list let me know.

Echoes 12/31

We have been having some really awesome rides /TIMES:

December 6 ·      Pelican Cafe

Great turnout for this ride. Greenies organized this ride to downtown Stuart where we stopped at the Pelican Cafe. The view could not be beat. I must say that even though it was a long line of bikes, everyone rode very well. The weather was fantastic as it should be at this time of year....unless you're anywhere but here.Good to see Ken Adair again after a long break! Nice job MJ on catching us on the fly. 

We missed Lauren who was having some medical issues and our thoughts were with her.

Marc Sultan said" Fantastic weather, Great Ride, and was able to meet members that I have not met before. Great people. For a bait shop the food was (Good). Looking forward to the next ride."


The officers met and discussed many issues. The main topic of the evening was the safety and wellbeing of our club and members. It was decided that we will have a pre-ride meeting every ride. While I know that this can sometimes seem repetitive, we all agreed that it is important. So if you hear the same things over and over, please understand that we are only trying our best to look out for all the knights!! You will also see a list of charities from Echoes soon. Please vote on the one you think the club should get behind. The officer's want to thank all the members for all they do to help keep this club the #1 MRC around!

Tommy "ECHOES " Casella said" Very productive and instrumental in seeing what direction we will be taking our club in the future but most importantly spending time with my Brother knights"

Bill's Bike's Memorial Toy Run

This is an annual event for the Knights. 

The days starts with a great brea
 kfast at Hillary's. We had a nice turn out, including welcoming a new member Vern "DAMMIT". Good to see some members we haven't seen for awhile. One member that was going to be with us was Dan Shultz. Unfortunately Dan had an accident with his bike and unknown to us was in the hospital. The accident was serious enough to cause Dan to have his spleen removed! I am happy to report that Dan is doing well and is back home recovering. Rich Love brought us all a bunch of candy canes that we threw to the crowd, unfortunately these became little peppermint bombs!! Good cause and a great day.

Vern Gorham said" .My first Knight ride...good cause, good weather, good people...all good thanks bros. KFFK...Dammit"

Holiday Party (k)night

OK, this was a great night!!! About 30 people were at this years party. Some who had planned to make it could not and they were missed. Some that were expected didn't show and that was their loss, because we had the best party yet! Our safety officer Kris gave so many prizes for our door prize give away that we had to join him. While no one matched Kris's generosity, all the officers contributed something to the door prizes. It was awesome to see spouses and family of the members, as well as new members. I want to thank everyone for their help, especially my daughter who played Elf again this year. Congratulations to Joe on winning over $100 on the 50/50. Good food, good people and everyone went home with a prize! This party gets better every year.


Phyllis said" Thank you all for the warm welcome. And special thanks to Green T & Sherry for following me home with my faucet because I forgot the bungees!! See y'all soon! =)"

Neal Alvanos said" Great family event; everybody enjoyed the festivities; every year it just keeps getting better; welcome to the new members; sorry some members couldn't make it - you were in our thoughts and prayers."

Joseph Ciancio said" Once again , a night of Knights. Great time, with great friends , good food and I WON A C- note. Then there was Kris' chocolate pie. Etc,etc and one more Etc."

Ok Corral Gun Club

Well this Monday ride didn't pan out as I had wanted it to. I ended up canceling it until I got a call from Vern saying he would meet up with me.

He caught me on the Beeline and with my wife and Daughter  plus 2 friends tailing in a cage we went shooting. It's a great place although a little $$$. We all had a great time and it was good to get to know Vern better.

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates Lab and Museum

The last ride of the year was one of our best! An early morning start found us heading out into patchy fog, but that made it even more enjoyable. The visibility wasn't bad and the effect was awesome. The group was excellent good knights that know how to ride. It was good to see Darin with us. The weather cleared, the roads were good, and the trip was stress free. The Museum was an interesting place and everyone had a real education as to what true genius looks like. It was a special treat that Skips wife Cathy met us there, she's always a pleasure. After the tour we walked over to a local restaurant on the water with spectacular views and very good food. We even got our drinks for free. Keith "GREEN-T took the lead on the way home and did an perfect job. Thanks to Stogies for tailing all day!  We arrived back before dark and I don't think anyone was especially tired. Just another great day out with the Knights.

Dale Goldstein said" Excellent education on what is possible if you have a brain, and are willing to work hard. We need another Edison, amazingly productive life story."

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