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October 2017

The Palm Beach Knights Newsletter

The Knights Table

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October 2017

Greetings from your State President/ Founder  

Will (Zev)

Greetings Knights!! By special request I am going to start to write our newsletter once again. I hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what you think.


Under The Leather and Behind The Shades

Under the leather and behind the shades stands a biker. We ride for the sense of freedom it gives us. The encouragement to take the road less traveled in the chance that we may encounter something new. We ride for the friendships we make along the way, as well as, the solitude of the open road. We don’t really care what you ride, just that you do.

Under the leather and behind the shades is a beating heart. A heart filled with compassion that on any given day will be riding for those in need. Ask one of us for help, but don’t be surprised when all of us show up.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands a proud American. We are as diverse a group of people that you could possibly assemble. We are men, women, tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, retirees, military, civilian and on and on and on. We stand silently with reverence and one voice that, in the silence, can be overwhelming.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands an invited guest to the funeral of a soldier that we most likely have never met. We hold the flag of our nation as a tribute to the greatest sacrifice anyone can make. Out of respect for the fallen, we travel to stand firm for a family, a community and a nation to lean on.
Under the leather and behind the shades stands a biker with sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of our own. Beneath the rough exterior we tremble and weep at your loss. You may not see that, for we are there to support you. That’s why we stand so silently under the leather and behind the shades.

Knights, as you can see by this newsletter, our "story" is sometimes told by the pictures that we take. I'd like to invite everyone to take photos of what we do...it makes for a good Tale(tail)!!

Congradulations to new PATCH member
Don "Tycast" Greer

While we try to mix up our rides as much as possible, it's highly unlikely that we're going to please everyone all the time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the rides that  have been on our schedule so far. We're always looking for feedback and new ideas.

Your participation is what makes this club great. We want to see YOU on the next ride!!!!!

We have been having some great rides  TIMES !!!!!!

October 1

This was a little shorter ride. Just a nice relaxing day with the Knights. While we did hit some rain, it gave us a good reason to just hangout and get to know our 2 new members. Welcome to our new Knights Randy and Joe!!

Randy said "Just made it home. Had to stop on Southern to fill up the tank. My first group ride was certainly a learning experience in a positive manner."

Michael said "Eggs Benedict, minus Bearnaise Sauce, add Sausage Gravy + great ride + some aquatic adventuring + good friends + new friends = another fantastic day - Home safe - thanks everyone!!!  "

Night Ride ..

  • October 7 · 6:00 PM

Nice cooler night time ride along the water to Stuart. We had a great dinner at Manatee Bay.  The ride along the water is always special and reminds us why we live here...at night it take on another level! While the restaurant couldn't or wouldn't sit us all together, we still had a beautiful night.

Bruce Wear said" Awesome night, good food, good ride. Joe And us made it home."

St Jude Charity Ride

 The Knights were asked to lead a Charity ride by Fiorella Italian Restaurant
We  lead a group of Knights, and Non-Knight riders. The Knights enjoyed being in charge of this ride! We used our Road Capt. and Tail Gunners. The other riders participating did an awesome job, and we enjoyed having them ride with us.Thank you to our brother MAC for getting this going for us. We are always happy when we can help and have a positive interaction with the community we live in. 
The ride was for the benefit of St. Jude children Hospital.This was after a night ride, but saw a good turn out. We held a 50/50 and raised $500!! Way to go Knights!!
Louis arroyo said" excellent event. good seen all Knights."

Michael A Choiniere MAC  said "For those that rode today, I personally thank each and everyone that came for this great cause. When Feiorella asked for help I was confident that 4 or 5 Knights would show but more than twice as many where there... THANK YOU"

Kris said "Let me be the one to communicate to all of the Knights, the thanks that we all received from this charity event that we led. Every single non Knight rider expressed their thanks to us for a well organized, well executed ride. We showed 14 bikers how the Knights own it. Great job to everyone." 

Buckingham Farms

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Buckingham Farms is a 50+ acre hydroponic farm, country store, counter service eatery and event destination.Specialize in providing the finest fruits and vegetables, farm-produced products, and one-of-a-kind events in an unmatched countryside setting. It looked like a great new place and it was!! We hit some of the best back roads I've seen thanks to Conman!!   I had a great lunch, and a great ride....although we did get a bit wet.

louis arroyo"Great adventure great time again thank you Knights."

Don "Tycast"  "Great ride, nice lunch, we got a "little" wet coming back but I'd do again tomorrow. Thx" 

Michael A Choiniere MAC said "Cool ride, nice out of the way lunch, and a bath. Perfect Saturday.."

Home coming game escort

Well, this was a waste of time. My School...just was an embarrassment. We have been doing this for them for years, and they just were rude and disrespectful by keeping us on the sidelines. The Knights that went were so gracious and accommodating. They even rushed home to help out on this one. But, the Knights always find a way to have a great time...this night was no exception. We went over to the Ale House and had the best dinner and time you could expect!!  Thank you all for your help!!

joe zenko said" had a good time. I know next yr will be better. I am looking forward to it"

Richard Eames said" Any time you enjoy an evening with friends, it's a win! Great time!"

Kris said "Nice night Ride. Good to see the Knights that could make it."

Hey!! Look no FANS ANYWAY!!!

Ride to Marsh Landing -Fellsmere

Conman took us on a tour of the best back roads in FL. We even had a stop at a country store that had real fried chicken, ribs, work clothes and Guns! We hung out and talked guns for awhile with the guy that worked there then headed over to Marsh Landing to meetup with the Central Fl chapter. It was good to see Stogies and Bigwheel again. Also, it was great to meet their new Patch member Ray "Stickers" As always we had a blast and the food was great. I do think that Conman and Boston eat enough for all the Knights put together!!  

A big Congratulations to Don "Tycast for getting his patch on this ride!!

richard Boston said "Awesome !!"
mark conley said " What a day this is what motorcycle riding is all about."

Don said "Another great ride, thx Conman and everyone else for another great afternoon"

Pool and food night w/ the Knights

We had such a great turn out for this get together!! I can't say how it makes me feel,  we are truly a family when we get together like that night. Maybe I was just feeling emotional because I had been in the hospital, but seeing our brothers and their loved ones there made me feel well again.  The food was good as usual and we even got to watch Arctic dance with a bar fly! It was great to have new and old Knights mixing it up.

Randy  Said "Enjoyable night. Look forward to more meetups and rides."
richard Boston  said "It was great to see everyone having a good time"

Michael A Choiniere MAC said "Mr and Mrs MAC Knight had great time... it was like a mid fall revival with all the trimmings."

Westgate Smokehouse Grill at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

The next day after the pool night, our Road Captain Conman took some Knights for a great ride. I would love to have made it, but did not feel quite ready....despite being called a Candy Ass for it LOL. Westgate is always a great destination and will be back on the schedule soon.

If you enjoyed our newsletter, let me know......who knows I just might keep doing it.



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