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September 2016

The Palm Beach Knights Newsletter

The Knights Table

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September 2016

Greetings from your State President/ Founder  

By Will

September has come again (surprise!). This month, as it has for the last 4 years we celebrate our anniversary. As we go into our 5th year, I become reminiscent about the last years. The start of this club was a simple thought that grew into what it is today. My idea was to create a riding club that was friend and family oriented. As it states on our webpage “The Palm Beach Knights Motorcycle Riding Club is a family oriented motorcycle riding club that focuses on the enjoyment and fellowship of riding motorcycles while doing so safely. We are brought together by our addiction to having good times with friends new and old, and our love for going out and cruising around for no other reason than to enjoy the road laid before us.”

Some of the memories I have are of the many places I have visited, but that is not the most vivid ones. The main memories I have always involve people. They play back in my mind like one of the many videos I have made over the years…sometimes even with the musical score.  There have been many Knights that have met, some still with us, some not. The one constant about a club like ours is that it is always changing.  I have to say that most of the changes have been positive and have made this club better. Some changes were unfortunate, some Knights have moved, some Knights have met with tragedy and passed on to a greater reward and some have just moved on to other stages in their lives. Even the Knights that chose leave us are remembered fondly by me.
 I don’t believe my life would have been the same without this club. The Knights have become a big part of my life (as it has for many others), and I have greatly benefited because of it. However, the thing that makes me feel the best, is seeing how the Knights have benefited others. I have people that have become Knights and have made lifelong friends. I have met Knights that tell me that the weekend rides and events we do are the highlight of their week. There are Knights (myself included) that have come to see the club as their social circle and even part of their family.

  The Knights have also helped others. The amount of charity we do is impressive! Just to give you an example we have been involved with: Bill’s memorial Toy Runs, Fun in the Sun Toy ride, South Florida Ride for Kids/The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Remembering our Heroes fund raiser, Lead the team for home coming!-Boynton­ Beach HS, Ride to benefit Jerry Parker, Memorial Day Ceremonies, Place American flags at Florida National Cemetery, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Poker Run, Honor flight Welcome Home, Wreaths Across America, Knights fund raising yard sale, VA Hospital Visit,  and numerous Patriot Guard missions, and the list goes on.  There have been others, but I just can’t remember. (Yes I’m getting old)
Mostly, I sit here looking forward to the next years’ worth of adventures and experiences with the Knights.  These are the best times of our lives! Happy Anniversary Knights!

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Knights join me in welcoming our newest 


Computer Hospital Inc.

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Knights, please make sure you check out the Leesburg and State Rally overnight events on our calendar!! Don't wait to make your reservations!!

Knights, as you can see by this newsletter, our "story" is sometimes told by the pictures that we take. I'd like to invite everyone to take photos of what we makes for a good Tale(tail)!!

steve seide                     9/26/48
Ray “Cowboy” Boher 9/8/
Joege Posada               9/20/79
Scott Garringer          9/19/60

Knights join me in congratulating our new 
Vice President
Ric "Topcat" Dennis

Also congrats to our own Boston for officially being made an officer for the Knights!

We have been having some great rides  TIMES !!!!!!

Lozano's in Immokalee

This is always a great ride and an awesome place to eat. While it's still hot, it was bearable and we had a great day. We took some real back roads on the way home. When we were in the middle of no-where, we saw storms all around us, but none really hit us....the weather Gods love the Knights!

richard Boston"It was one of the best rides we had. Just an all-around great day and the food was good too"

Michael A Choiniere Mac said" Again a great ride and lunch to boot... see you all later."

Jorge (Stix) Posada said" Great ride, and good time hanging with the club. Food was awesome at Lozano's"

Twin Peaks Bike Night

Our new VP Topcat organized a great Bike night at Twin Peaks .  

richard Boston "Topcat you the man!!!"

Mark "BuzzCap7" "Another EXCELLENT ride. Topcat is really doing a consistently TOP rated job!!"

Bayshore Diner Restaurant

There was a change in our destination at the request of our VP, so off we went. It was another hot day, and I think the heat got to us all. I was laughing so hard at one point I stalled my bike.....The place was pretty cool with a military theme. Boston made a new friend as usual. Oy! 

richard Boston "The service was outstanding Lol"

will "I haven't laughed so much in a week....great time"

Full moon ride.
The Full Moon nearest the autumn equinox is named the Harvest Moon since, during this month, the Moon helps the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other Full Moons do. So it was time for a Night/Knight ride. A big TY to Scott and Mac who put in the extra effort to fix a bike and still meet up with us....Thanks guys It was awesome....just a beautiful night. We all had a blast.

richard Boston  "Awesome let's do it again and again" 

Mark "BuzzCap7" EXCELLENT!!!!" 

4th Anniversary Party

What can I say, we had a great time. Probably the biggest crowd and the best party we've had. 

Neal Alvanos " Will throws the best parties! Thanks to all for the warm welcome. It was great to see all the new members and old timers. Congratulations to the new patch members, to Topcat as the new V.P. and Boston as a new officer. I look forward to joint chapter rides in the near future."
Irish" Mike Quinn "Loved the the whole evening. Meeting the other members & ladies was outside. Props to new patches. Awesome to have Topcat as VP. Quality member growth. Can't wait to really start riding!!"

Steve Rydell "Great party, a lot of fun, we're really happy that we made it to the anniversary party!"

Richard Eames said "The best time with the best people"

Dale Goldstein Said"Congratulations to Will for four years of considerable effort to create the best group of guys an gals who enjoy the Knights riding adventures. Will's personal dedication to the Knights has created a great place for all of us. Personally I was pleased to receive my 5,000 mile plaque and see all the others enjoy their awards and new Knights jackets. Good to see a mix of old (me) and young. Well done, Sir Knight." 

Mark "BuzzCap7"EXCELLENT!! BEST one yet and the others were fantastic!!"

Marc Sultan said" Great party, Congratulations to the new members and the newly elected Vice President. As always Will and Family has done an extraordinary job . Met a lot of really nice like minded people, who enjoy riding and comradeship."

Jorge (Stix) Posada "Great time with everyone and honored to be an official member of The Knights!"

Topcat Vice President/Recruiter "This was just over the top with member participation and family. It was great to see everyone and be a part of this club."

richard Boston "We had an awesome time"

News from our 

Central Florida Chapter

Red's Restaurant, Hernando, FL

Steve Rydell
The ride to Red's Restaurant in the town of Hernando
was a really good place to ride to.The food at Red's
was as good as it gets! This place is definitely a must
if you have not been there for breakfast or lunch.
On our way back we stop by a place called The Chrome Shop,there was a lot of interesting things
to look at there.

Neal Alvanos
We pretty much had the road to ourselves on the way there. Food was excellent as evidenced by the waiting line.

Riverside Crab House, Homosassa, FL

A ride to the Riverside Crab House, Homosassa, FL, where they serve a variety of seafood and American cuisine at reasonable prices with nice water view.

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