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June 2016

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 June 2016

Greetings from your State President/ Founder  

Well this had been a great month. We had our annual week long get away, and this years was awesome. The trip started out on a perfect morning as we took to the highway to meet up with the President of the CF Knights MRC chapter Neal "stogies" Alvanos and Steve "BigWheel" Rydel. While riding the turnpike all the way to get out of Florida isn't the most scenic route, it is fast! Our destination for the first night was Valdosta GA. about 395 miles away. Everything went very smoothly, although Vern did take off to go visit his Dad. He met us at the resort. I hope they had a great visit!
We spent a nice evening at an average motel and had a great dinner in a place just a few miles away. The rest of the night ....we slept, it was a long hot day.

Steve Rydell said " This was one of the most enjoyable rides i have ever

been on! Thank's to Will (Zev) and Neal (Stogie) for
organizing this ride to the North Georgia Mountains.
A special thank's to Richie (Boston) tailing the ride
up and back (especially on I-75 )
It is always GREAT to ride with the brothers from the
Palm Beach Knights."

The next day we started again on the highway, but we exited around Macon and made our way on a much more pleasant route. The roads in GA were just great! We spent the day on much more pleasant sightseeing adventure.
 We got to the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort late afternoon and was very happy with the accommodationMy room was big, clean, and had a great view from my private balcony. 

richard Boston said "It is so beautiful in Georgia if I had stopped there before I came to Florida. I would definitely live there. We had an awesome time the ride was great. Best trip so far

Stogie and Bigwheel planned the riding for the next couple of days.   Neal took us all on a great adventure! The roads were as beautiful as could be and while the Gauntlet was challenging, it was mostly very relaxing and exciting. I have to say that the back end of the Gauntlet was not for the timid, and all the Knights handled it like a pro and no one had any problems.  I'm proud to report I moved my chicken strip up my tire almost 2 inches (yes, I measured).  The town of Dahlonega was very nice with the friendliest people we have ever found. We ate and walked around town and discovered some great little town shops. In fact we stopped and talked to just about everyone and found them to be welcoming and very friendly. Boston took great care to make every pretty girl feel very special....Thank Bro! We had a nice stop at the Biker Barn were we bought the mandatory T- shirt.  

Vern Gorham said" great fun....Dammit..."

We saw a Deer that almost ran Stogies over. A Turkey that looked to be the size of an ostrich....I mean that sucker was ^^%$$##@ BIG!!!  Boston made friends with some Deer...and of course we saw lots of birds.

On a side note, Boston did get stung by a Bee. Now for those of you that don't know Rich, he does have a bit of a Boston accent.....OK, maybe more than a bit. He is connected to me via headset. As we were riding I hear a scream (in that Boston accent) mother F#@$ker!!!!) It seem a Big Bumble Bee flew up his long sleeve shirt at the arm  and stung him.....twice. That had to hurt, and once I stopped laughing I made sure to tell him that.

Please note size of Bee compared to Thump!

The trip home was a bit more tense as we had to keep an eye on the weather. We roads some back roads to Macon without any rain, but once there it did rain a bit. Once we got to Valdosta, we were all so beat that Boston made the great suggestion of just taking a cab to the same restaurant....we all agreed. 
The next day Neal, Steve Boston and I hit the highway. While we did hit some rain, it wasn't all that bad and we made great time. About noon we had lunch in a nice little country place with very friendly people.  Boston and I dropped The Central Florida Knights off at their exit and said our Gbyes. He and I the hit the Turnpike for our home stretch. Once again the rain was intermittent, but Rich helped keep me focus as we were able to communicate via our Sena system.  He was a great help and we made it in good time.
I want to say how nice it was to have the Knights together. Stogies did such a great job organizing the day rides up there you would think he lived there. 

Neal Alvanos said" Home safe and sound with no incidents or break downs. Had an enjoyable time with our brothers from the Palm Beach Knights riding the beautiful mountain roads in northern GA. The weather was perfect for the rides around the Gauntlet, but we ran into some showers both days on the way home, giving me an excuse to try out my new rain gear. Thanks to Will Heckman (Zev) who's President and founder of the Palm Beach Knights and State President for organizing this event. Richie (Boston) and Steve (Big Wheel) did a fine job tail gunning. The ride was "The stuff that memories are made of". Check out the pictures."

Bigwheel did an awesome job tailgunning and being always positive and pleasant.....thanks Bro. Vern is always good for a laugh and this trip was no exception. A big thank you to my brother Boston who tailgunned and kept me on track all the way up and back...

If you didn't make this years trip, no year is already being planned.

Knights we are having a recruiting drive!! Here is how it works, if you recruit 2 people that join, pay dues and come on at least 1 ride you get a prize! The prizes are a free Knights shirt, or 1 year free membership! Make sure when you get someone to join, they put sponsored by in their intro!! If you would like some business cards, just ask Will. Good luck everyone. Let's spread the good word! The contest start May 1st and will end July 30th.

Knights, please note that we will be looking at our membership list very soon. If you have been a member and not paid your dues, or have not been active for long while, please contact me. We will be removing people that are no longer active, or who have join just to watch us!! If you have any reason why you can not make our rides and event, please let me know so I don't remove you. We want to see everyone come out and rides with us. 

CORE Members, 
We need Tailgunners, and Road Capt.'s ! If you are interested in training , please let us know!! It's a great way to become more involved in your club.
Please see Will .

Knights, as you can see by this newsletter, our "story" is sometimes told by the pictures that we take. I'd like to invite everyone to take photos of what we makes for a good Tale(tail)!!


Central Florida Chapter Knights.
Please ask Neal about getting your PATCH !!
While we try to mix up our rides as much as possible, it's highly unlikely that I'm going to please everyone all the time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the rides that  have been on our schedule so far. I am always looking for feedback and new ideas.

Your participation is what makes this club great. We want to see YOU on the next ride!!!!!


Joe Demma 6/21/43
Will Heckman 6/23/57

Knights did I miss your Birthday.....sorry, let me know and I'll make sure to get ya next time.

Joe is down for a little while with a couple of broken ribs...ouch!! Get well brother!

Meet The newest Knights


Richard Eames



We have been having some great rides  TIMES !!!!!!

Pelican Cafe

The Knights took a ride to a favorite place in Stuart. It was a nice ride and a great ride! Good to see Stix and George and Patty again!

Georgia trip....see above

Knights Bike night at Lakeside Anchor Inn

While some of us were up in GA, Topcat hosted a bike nights for us. They went to a cool place that we will visited again soon. We also got to welcome a new Knight ....Scotty! 

Sebring Diner

Well it was a HOT one that's for sure. We had 5 new Knights with us as we headed out to the Sebring diner to meet up with the CF chapter. I have to say that everyone rode really well, and I was very impressed. Topcat took his first turn at tailgunning and did an awesome job. We took some of the best back roads and missed all the rain...who could ask for more. Oh, and the food and service was great too!

Steve Rydell said "The ride to Sebring to meet up with the Palm Beach
Knights for lunch turn out to be a great day!
The ride,as always,was great.On our way back to
Leesburg,we anticipated rain-which we got.
We stopped and put on rain gear and continued
to Leesburg.It really was not too bad.
In spite of that it was a good ride! "

Neal Alvanos said" Great fun meeting with the Palm Beach Chapter. Got into rain on and off, but made it home safe and sound with a couple stops to wait it out."

Scott Garringer said" Good weather, ride, dinner and people. Thanks Will "

Jorge (Stix) Posada said" Great ride with new members and also meeting Steve and Neal from CFL chapter"

Richard Eames said " Enjoyed everybody's company! Definitely made friends today! We gotta get Styx a backpack gas tank! Lol! We needed to stop anyway for hydration.It was so hot, but had a good time. It was like an endurance ride. That heat wasn't going to beat us! Even Nancy sweat her ass off! "

Topcat said" sebring ride was great while riding, darn hot when standing still. great to have new members with us, they all did great keeping an organized formation. diner was good too"

News from our 
Central Florida Chapter

Swampy's Bar & Grill, Dunnellon, FL

A great ride to Swampy's Bar & Grill in Dunnellon, FL, overlooking the beautiful, spring fed Rainbow River.  From the restaurant deck, you can enjoy watching tubes, kayaks and canoes floating down the river.  Typical dishes include cajon, country and soul food genres at reasonable prices.

Central Florida Railroad Museum of Winter Garden

This will be a relaxing ride on some of Central Florida's most beautiful back roads.   
After lunch in Winter Garden, we'll put on our conductor's hat and take a tour of the historic Central Florida Railroad Museum located in downtown Winter Garden.  The museum is housed in the old Tavares and Gulf Rail Company building. 

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