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May 2015

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Monthly Newsletter May  2015

Greetings from your President   

“Rain” is a four-letter Word. As we quickly come upon the rainy are some thoughts.

By Will   
If you really want to raise the hackles on the neck of a biker, just say the word “rain.” Now I know that no one in their right mind goes out riding just because it’s raining, but living in Florida chance are that you will get stuck in the rain at times. What can you do to improve your riding in the rain?
Well, the first thing you can do is not wait until it’s raining to do something. There are things you can do well ahead of the first few drops of rain. Most of this is not rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many of us don’t even bother. Even in the summer in South Florida I still get a negative response when I ask riders if they have a rain suit with them.   Much as you hate to think about it, selecting and purchasing a rain suit is something that you just gotta do. A rain suit should serve two purposes. First, it should keep you dry (see I said it’s not rocket science). Second, and equally important, it should increase your visibility. I went shopping and they range in price from $40- $200. I found mine for $10 at Harbor Freight. Mine is the old yellow PVC. It is bright and keeps me semi dry. When your evasive maneuverability is reduced by lack of traction, you want to be sure other drivers see you. I also have a place in my saddle bags that I know is dry where I can put my phone, wallet and firearm.

Lots of lights also help you to be seen in the rain. I  installed a light bar on my bike, and boy it makes a big difference. Of course, you keep your lights clean, but have you checked all your lights lately to see if any have burned out? Do you carry any spares lamps and fuses with you? Next time you take your bike in for service; why not restock any spare bulbs you might be missing? You should stock spare fuses as well. I went to show off my new light bar the other day and when they didn't light up, I went looking for a spare fuse. I also have been looking into changing to LED lamps, they seem brighter.
The other important part that needs maintaining ahead of time is your tires (more brilliance). Have you looked at them lately? Both of them?  The number one major cause of hydroplaning is worn tires. It’s too late to check them after the rain starts falling. The sole purpose of the tread design on a tire is to carry off the water, but it can’t do its job if you don’t allow it enough tread depth to work with.  Knights have been using different tire guys, just ask for a recommendation.
 I sure can tell ya one not to use!!!(see my past article about that place)
Hydroplaning occurs when the tires are not in full contact with the road. The result is an elevation in blood pressure, increase of heart rate, and an enhancement of ones vocabulary ( as in Holy F%$#@ing SH#$@T that was scary). You’re riding on a thin layer of water, and sometimes oil, on the road. Hydroplaning occurs frequently in light mist or drizzle. When it’s really raining hard, the oil actually get washed away, of course if it’s raining that hard, go have a cup of coffee!  I always carry a cigar just for this reason. Proper tread depth and tire pressures and slowing down are a big help. I was also amazed how it helps reduce the chance of hydroplaning when I tried riding in the tracks of other vehicles. Seems cars come in handy sometimes.
The change in sound, or any decrease in steering or braking may mean you’re hydroplaning. If this happens, slow down without braking and avoid any sudden moves.
Plan alternate routes in case of rain.  I will change a route home if I think we can miss the rain. We love those scenic, twisty asphalt roads, but they are a lot more fun when it’s dry. When the rain starts to pour, the scenery turns gray, the turns aren't nearly as much fun, and the asphalt doesn't provide the traction you really need. It’s time to look for an alternate route along a duller, but straighter road. When we are out west, we sometimes can see it coming for miles. We can then choose a road that the rain may miss altogether.
Once it starts raining, there are still things you can do to increase your safety, if not your comfort. Pull off the road as soon as you find a place to get out of the rain. The underpass of I95 is a perennial favorite. This gives you a dry place to put on your high-visibility rain suit, and more important, it puts you off the road during the most dangerous first fifteen minutes of rain. Just make sure that it is a safe place. When the water first enters the pores of the road, it forces up the oil that has been collecting there. A few more minutes of rain will wash this oil off the road.
Though the main danger of rain is hydroplaning, increasing your following distance, taking curves more slowly, and increasing your scanning distance, and being seen all help your rain riding. One good thing about living in Florida, if you don’t like the weather….just wait 20 minutes.
Riding in the rain may suck, but it can be safer.

Who has the COOLEST VEST ???

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As always if you have any questions, just contact me and I’ll try to explain. Thank you for your support.

I now can take any payment with my PHONE at any ride !!!

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Rich Love 5/9/1967

We have been having some great rides !!!!!!

Earl's Hideaway Lounge

Thank you Gunner for a great and safe ride!! Gunner lead a long day ride all the way to Sebastian to Earl's Hideaway. I'd like to thank him for filling in for me as I was sick and couldn't make it. Seems like I missed a good day riding with the Knights. While I know it was a long day, we have to get them in before the rainy season starts to limit us. 
Marc Sultan said" Fantastic day for a ride. It was flawless, The company was GREAT, They are what makes the ride very enjoyable. Gunner did a excellent job."

Tommy "ECHOES " Casella said" Thanks Gunner for the tour of Florida I've been meaning to do it but not all in one day. Great job as Road Captain and thank you to all the Knights for an excellent day of comradeship. KFFK. "

Informal get together at Hurricane Grill

Just a last minute call on my part. Felt like it was a good time to have a dinner and just get together for no other reason than to enjoy each others company.

Dale Goldstein said" "People you always wished you met." Will, Neal you can use this quote from the Joker."

Cafe 27

It was a a beautiful day for a ride. The ride to Cafe 27 is always a nice one with some nice views of the sugar cane fields.  We could definable tell that the Florida Summer had started. As the day wore on, it got HOT!! Lunch was good and we were served pretty quickly. On the way home I decided to give 880 a another chance. That road used to be a great alternative to taking 80, but through the years it had deteriorated due to farm equipment usage. Well, sad to say, it did not improve much.  While not the worst road, it still had it's moments of washboard surface. Of course the added bonus of a WASP flying into my vest and stinging me in the back didn't help my overall opinion of that route!! 

Dale Goldstein said"  It was a beautiful morning and the ride down was quicker than I remembered. Cafe 27 food was very good. Waitress was not designed by the Florida highway department. I go to sit next to Lauren. 
On the way home, HOT, we took 880 which is perfect. If you take the numbers 8 8 0 and lay them horizontal, this is what the ride felt like, woops, oops, bang, oops, bang, woops, and so forth. New springs and shocks can be ordered from Will."

Lightsey's Seafood Restaurant

Gunner planned this one, and it was a fun day. The ride took us down some of the real pretty roads. Good to have Yudi with us for his 2nd ride and we welcomed a new Knight Nick Chillemi. Hope we see them both on many more rides. The food is always good and we got great service. I stole one of Echoes Frog legs and I have to say it was great! 
The ride home took us around the Lake with a stop up on the rim. The weather was changing, so we headed home. We split into 2 groups with Gunner leading one and I the other. Of course my group got hit with about 2 minutes of a nice rain...all in all a great day.

Tommy "ECHOES " Casella said" Outstanding comradarie Great location even better food Great Ride Rain free I guess my request to the Rain God's worked."

Place American flags at Florida National Cemetery for Memorial Day

Thanks to Greenies. the Knights were had the privilege of participating in this noble event. While many celebrate Memorial day, some forget why the holiday exists. The Knights placed more than 200 flags on the grave sites of our American heroes. While this is the 1st year that this event has taken place, I hope it becomes an annual one for the Knights. We also had the added honor of being able to pay our respects to the father Steven " Gunner" Cohen . We all said his name and remembered him in our thoughts and thanked him for his service to our country. 

will Said"Thank you all who came out and made this a great event. A great feeling being able to do this....maybe we'll make it an annual event. Happy Memorial Day Knights. "

Joseph Ciancio said" I think that this is the first event we rode to without food being involved and it really didn't make a difference. It was a great and honorable event. We were few but we were present."

Gunner said"That's great. My dad personally says thank you!:

MJ  Said"It was an honor to do this for our fallen heroes. Thanks for putting this event together!  "

Memorial Day Ceremonies

Greenies was joined by Scott for a special ceremony for memorial day. 

Honor flight Welcome Home

Honor flight  invited us to welcome our Veterans when they get back from Washington. 
We 1st met at The Brass Ring for a great dinner and then headed over to PBIA.  We brought flags and  gave our Greatest Generation a great Welcome Home! I want to thank Rich and Deb, as well as Greenies for coming out for this. It left us all with a great feeling.



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