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October Newsletter 2014

The Palm Beach Knights Newsletter

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Halloween Edition

Monthly Newsletter October 2014

Greetings from your President   Will

Greetings Knights,
Well it's time to rant!!! Last week I somehow got a nail in my rear tire. After calling a friend and checking with Slick I decided to give plugging it a shot. While it seemed ok, it lost about 10lbs over night. Since we had a 300 mile ride I decided to play it safe and get it looked at by a "professional".  So instead of going on the ride I brought the bike to Powersports of Palm Beach. They are a small time bike repair shop in Lake Park off Northlake. While I was there the "mechanic" decided that he should change the plug and fill it with ride on. To which I replied "Duh, OK"  I know real smart! So he pulls the plug that is in the tire and made the hole BIGGER...plugs it and puts a bottle of ride on in it. Then tells me I'm good to go, $15 Thanks! I head home after meeting my wife and daughter. On the way home, the tire goes completely flat and I manage to get to the side of the road. Well after no luck with the insurance roadside "service" I ended up calling a friend with a truck and another friend with a trailer and got myself the 2 miles to my house. 
And now for the rest of the story. I called the  "professionals" at Powersports of Palm Beach and had them order me a that they recommended. They even offered to pick up the bike. So finally the owner Tony picked it up  Thursday. He tied down my bike like it was a piano!!  When I went to get it on Friday, this is what I found !
1. A $323 bill for a rear tire. ( I checked the tires sells for $180)
2. No neutral light
3. Broken tachometer
4. Grips move down the handlebar ,even though it was GLUED!!!!
5. No back running light.
6.and last, but NOT least they had left my bike out all night in the rain.
I did call Tony the owner who knew little of what was going on and seemed offended that I would think they did something.  

The moral of the story is watch out who you trust your bike and your life to. Please tell everyone NOT TO USE this place. In my opinion they SUCK!!!

Thank you Knights for allowing me to rant....

On a happier note: I called the famous mechanic Jim Parish, who I have spoken about before. Now I should mention that when I was at the "other" place they had a mechanic on the phone from Broward Motorsports and the 2 of them could not figure out what was wrong. I brought it over to took him maybe 5 minutes and he had the whole thing fixed!! Oy. Also, I told Jim what a hard time I was having getting my well filter off, so he loaned me a tool and I was able to do that job!  

your brother,

I wanted to take a moment and thank our past Sponsor The Bull. Unfortunately they are no longer in business and we all want to wish them well.

And Please join me in welcoming our new Sponsor 

Force-E Dive Centers has the best dive staff in South Florida.  We have staff members ranging from Photo experts to, Blue Heron Bridge masters, to Free Diving experts. 

Please look for more info coming soon about special events for the Knights and others.

Diving can be a wonderful experience, but it takes you out of your element and puts you somewhere that can be very dangerous!! When you go diving or snorkeling always go with someone who knows the rope and you can trust with your Force-E Dive Centers. The best dive center there is.

Skip & Cathy CommagereSkip and Cathy are the owners of the three Force-E Scuba Centers located in Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and Riviera Beach. Skip started his diving career at the first YMCA Scuba Diving Certification course in Atlanta, GA and later became a Dive Instructor in 1961. In 1975, Skip and Cathy met and Cathy started diving here in Florida. The first Force-E Scuba Center was opened in 1976, and is currently one of the leaders in the dive community in South Florida to offer retail, training, and dive experiences. When Skip and Cathy go diving, their favorite dive site is the ledges in Delray called the Snapper Hole. Cathy loves diving in her new Aqua Lung Lotus i3 BCD and Skip loves to dive in all the equipment he sells at Force-E.

Who has the COOLEST VEST ???

Purchasing any item from the Knights helps support our club and makes you look even better!!

We have-small patches and now a  limited 
supply of
 large back Patches available.


Michael Bart Stall

Jerry Pisciottano 10/6/1965

Steve (slick) Rosenblum

Kris Kollar

Eric (medrep) Torrella

Neal Alvanos

Knights don't forget to RSVP for our Holiday party. Last year was a great one and this year will be even better. Free gifts 50/50 raffles and more. Of course we will have our Knights White Elephant Gift Exchange!!!!!


Marc and  Shrivani 
Grayson Keeran Simmons was born 10/15/2014 at 7:48am. 8lbs,6oz 20 1/2in long.
 Mother and baby doing fine

We have been having some really awesome rides /TIMES:

Lightsey Fish & seafood, and Lake ride

It's Riding weather again!!! Wow, what a great day. This had to be the best ride since the beginning of Summer. The cool temps and the great company made this ride relaxing and stress free. Our route took us down some great roads ( Fox Brown, and others) and we actually made it ALL around the lake. Lightsey was as good as usual.
Their food is a mix of old Florida cracker style with some good everyday favorites. A Special Thank you goes to Kris and Pam who left a Rose for our fallen Knight Shari, it was one of her favorite places

Marc Sultan said "Fantastic weather, couldn't be any better. But as Kris said, it was over too quickly. I had a great time with great people."

Of course he did show us all where he keeps his gun!!!!...just sayin.

Ok Corral Gun Club

We all love to shoot and have been wanting to find a new outdoor place. I asked around and was told by some gun guys that the Ok Corral Gun Club was a great place. Well, they weren't lying. A very nice place although a little pricey. Skip and I had  only 1  disappointment which was that they didn't have any .38 ammo. The place is very well kept and part of it made to look like an old western town. We shot at an outdoor area that was the nicest I've seen. The people were very friendly and helpful. They even had a stool and water for the shooters. I walked over to the Cowboy town and watched them for awhile, very interesting and looked like fun. Lauren had just learned to shoot that week. So we gave her what little help we could and she did great. By the end of the day she was hitting pretty much what she was aiming at. 

 I think Skip was our best shot for the day. Greenies finally found out that the POS .22 revolver he found has got to go!!! Lastly I have to say that the food at their restaurant was awesome!! Everyone was happy with their meal. I would definitely go back.

Skip Commagere Said "Best Damn Gun range in Florida. The food was also very good. We got turned around a couple of times But Will got us home by way of Atlanta. Long Ride. LOL Too much fun. Good to see Lauren and Greenie again."

The "welcome home Ricky Shades ride" Arcadia, FL

I wanted very much to welcome back our brother Rick, unfortunately life didn't cooperate. I noticed the night before that my tire was flat. After some inspection I found the culprit...a nail! Well a friend and I plugged it and thought we would be good to go, but the next morning I found that I had lost 10 lbs of air. So I had to cancel. I'm glad that Rick, Slick and Lauren got to take a breakfast ride. The rest of my day was spent dealing with my tire issue. First I went to the tire place where they 

re-patched it and even used some glue. On the way home...the tire went completely flat. The next 3 1/2 hours was spent trying to get me the last 2 miles to my house. With the help of some friends, that was finally accomplished. I now will have to go through the process of getting my bike to the tire place and buy a new one. OY VEY! 

Wild Turkey Tavern, Avon Park

Well the weather gods were very good to us!! We ended up taking the 714 (Martin County hwy) which turned out to be awesome! Everyone had a great time, unfortunately Jerry got ill and had to head back at Okeechobee, but we were glad he came that far. Get well soon Bro! The Wild Turkey Tavern is an old biker hangout with pretty decent food. If it wasn't for the troupe of little kids running around, it would have been perfect. Oh, Lauren did have to make a personal coffee run. Who ever heard of a restaurant not having  coffee. Greenies was very happy that they charge $1.50 to use a debit card....ok maybe not.  
The ride home was perfect and it was a memorable day. 

Lauren Said" What a great day for a ride, no humidity, the usual PBK bandits, and MJ showed up at the restaurant which was terrific."



Skip Commagere

And a big Thank you for becoming a club sponsor!!

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