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February 2014

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Monthly Newsletter Febuary 2014

Greetings from your President   Will

Group Riding Guidelines for Street Bikes
By The motorcycle safety Group (not written by Will)

Group Riding: Why?
There are several advantages for motorcyclists who ride street bikes in a group:
  • a group is usually more visible to other drivers than a solo rider;
  • other vehicles can predict what a rider in a group will do because all members generally maintain fixed positions and fixed intervals between riders;
  • In case of a mechanical problem or an accident, help is available immediately to the rider. A member of the group may carry a cell-phone. Usually some riders in a group are trained in First Aid and CPR. They are often aware of safety information and accident management procedures that non-riders may not know -- for example, not to remove the helmet of a downed rider unless breathing is inhibited, where to find particular medical information for a downed rider; how to manage an accident scene to prevent complications, etc.; and
  • It can be a lot more FUN!
In addition, motorcyclists tend to learn a great deal from each other about their sport. Planned stops along the way offer a fine opportunity to socialize and to share valuable tips and techniques.
Group Riding: Why Not?
Group riding is not for everyone. It requires a certain level of skill and self-discipline. It restricts an individual rider’s options as to speed, changes in route, and lane positioning. To attempt to ride in a group without having good basic riding skills and a good sense of what others in the group are likely to do -- and what they expect you to do -- is an invitation to an accident, one that may involve damage and injuries to more than one bike and one rider. It is also a matter of personality, in that group riding requires good communications, courtesy among riders and a willingness to look out for the safety of others while riding your own ride.
Rules: Who Needs Them?
The following guidelines for riding in a group are not gospel. There are situations in which they don’t apply. Some organizations may have different terms for these concepts, as well. These guidelines have been tested for many miles, however, in clubs whose members ride all brands and models of motorcycles, and they have sound safety rationales to support them.
If you as a rider find yourself in a group which does not follow these guidelines, you can usually find someone who will explain what rules that organization follows, if any, or how they differ from what you learn here. At most responsible group rides, a riders’ meeting will be held prior to departure, in order to clarify what is expected of all the riders who are to participate. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the riding style of a group at any time, DROP OUT. Your safe arrival at your destination is far more important than conforming to rules you don’t like or don’t understand.
People who ride in a group usually appreciate knowing what they are expected to do, and what to expect from others who are taking part in a hazardous sport in close proximity to them. Road Captains and those who frequently ride lead or drag are particularly urged to become familiar with these terms and guidelines in order to explain them to other riders who may show up for a scheduled ride without having any group riding experience.
Some Common Group Riding Terms
Group: a small number of motorcyclists who ride together maintaining a generally fixed distance between bikes and maintaining fixed positions within the formation. On rides in which participation by a large number of motorcyclists occurs, it is common to have riders divided into several groups and to name them Group 1, Group 2, etc. This facilitates radio communication when several groups are listening to the same broadcasts and traffic coordination on the same radio.
Road Captain: a person who devises group riding rules or guidelines for a club or chapter of a motorcycling organization, who communicates these guidelines to the club, and who generally plans and lays out group rides. The Road Captain will lead for a particular ride.
Drag Bike or Sweep: a person who rides in the last position in a group and who relays information to the Lead Bike regarding the other riders in the group, traffic patterns, equipment problems, etc. he or she observes. The Drag Bike must secure a lane for the rest of the group during lane changes into faster traffic (move first to block oncoming traffic) and close the door (move to block passing traffic) when a lane is lost in a merging lane situation. Usually this is the most experienced rider in a group, for the Drag Bike is the rider who stops to assist a rider who has mechanical trouble, loses control, or drops out of a ride for some other reason. The Drag Bike should be prepared to render aid to a downed or disabled rider in a group while communicating the problem to the Lead Bike and others in the group. If at all possible, the Drag Bike should be equipped with a radio and, preferably, will have a co-rider who can assist with communications or traffic control if a serious problem arises. If there are three groups on a ride, there will be three Drag Bikes. The rider in this position is sometimes called the tailgunner.
Cage: any vehicle that is not a motorcycle, but particularly an automobile.
Group Parking: a formation in which all bikes in a group follow the Lead Bike in single file into a parking lot, making a U-turn such that they can all line up next to each other in the space available with the rear of their bikes against the curb or edge of the lot, the front tires pointing outward.
Parade formation: a formation in which all the motorcyclists in a group ride two abreast.
Single file: a formation in which all the motorcyclists in a group ride in one track of a lane.
Staggered formation: a formation of motorcyclists in a group in which the Lead Bike rides in the left track of a lane, the next bike in the right track or slot, and the next bike in the left track, and so on. Bikes in a group generally maintain a minimum interval of two seconds travel time between bikes in the same track, and one second travel time between each bike in the group. In a staggered formation, a rider still commands and may ride in the entire width of his lane as needed. Group riders may also ride single file or two abreast. The Drag Bike may ride in the left or right track depending on the number of bikes in the group. It is preferable for the Drag Bike to ride in the left track, so as to have the same visibility line as the Lead Bike.
Two abreast: a formation in which the members of a group ride adjacent to each other in pairs, used when riding in parade formation. Used after stopping at signs and traffic signals so that riders can get through an intersection quickly and together if possible. When departing from a stop, the rider in the left track normally pulls out before the rider on the right, returning to a staggered formation.

KNIGHTS please make sure to welcome our new sponsor

My family had the pleasure of eating there the other night and had a great time. Food was excellent!!!
they are located at
 801 Village Blvd Suite 309
Make sure to tell them that you are with The Palm Beach Knights MRC
we need to support our sponsors!!

************ PLEASE READ*************
First a definition.
A guest is someone joining us for a ride on their own bike.  Please put a +1 with your RSVP
If you have a passenger, you do not have to put a + 1 on the RSVP. All club members are responsible for their passenger. You may want to mention that you have a passenger in the comments in case we have to call ahead to a restaurant for a large group. Otherwise passengers are always welcome!

Protocol for guest on their own bike:
Guests are welcome to join us on a ride 2 times, after that they must join. I believe that after riding with us a couple of times they will decide we are just what they are looking for. If not, we wish them the best. All guests will fill out a waiver form even on their first ride no exceptions. We cannot have the club members unprotected to problems. Remember, while all members have, guest have NOT agreed to follow our safety rules.

I think we would like to get to know someone before they ride hundreds of miles with us. Also, there is a lot of work that goes into planning weekend events. Sometimes it takes months of preparation. We do this for our brothers and sisters that have made the commitment to become members. We’re not a travel agency! Many, many hours have been spent on the choosing of roads, hotels, places to stop, day trips, etc. If they like what we do, join us and support the club as each of you have done.
Please don’t take this as a statement that we do not want to have guest, because we do and I think it’s a great way to recruit new member. But we would like people to follow the etiquette of becoming one of us.

Thank you.

Hey Knights,
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While we try to mix up our rides as much as possible, it's highly unlikely that I'm going to please everyone all the time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the rides that  have been on our schedule so far. I am always looking for feedback and new ideas. Your participation is what makes this club great.

Dale Goldstein   24-Feb  

We have been having some really awesome rides TIMES:

We had 8 rides this month WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Cypress Shootout/Billie'­s swamp Safari

This was a great ride. We took some sweet back roads most of the way. On our stop at John Stretch park, we even got to see a model race car go 55 MPH. very cool. Although it got hot, it was worth it just to see Gunner scared of Bees!!

A big welcome to Ken one of our newest Knights.

Steven Cohen - Gunner said  "I never saw so many BEES"

Iron & Clematis Vintage Motorcycle Festival

This was more of an event than a ride. Mostly in city route to Clamatis street. We were join by a new member Dale.
We also welcomed back Jerry "Pish" , who joined us with his lovely wife Alice. We got the chance to see some awesome vintage bikes and had a blast. 
Mark "BuzzCap7" Said  "This is my 1st ride with PBK's. WOW!!!! Nothing, nothing short of AWESOME! "

Treasure Coast Bike Fest Class1/2

Slick lead the Knights down some really perfect roads to this event.

Gunner said "Slick did an awesome job of leading. I like the backwoods of getting there"

Day after Hump day ride to Ft Lauderdale

Greenies Lead this mid-week ride. He wrote
"The ride was good. The weather ended up be just right after a s so start. Parking wasn't a problem as we parked in a parking garage. Our Brother Tim paid 12 bucks. The best part was when we went to leave someone pulled down the arm to the garage. Tim, Lauren and Dave drove out.

When Rick and I went to leave, a worker started yelling at us saying that we had pulled down the arm. Which of course we didn't. He was blocking us from leaving.( a very dangerous thing to do) I started yelling to call a cop which of course he didn't do. Finally he moved out of the way and off we went. I asked him why would we pay and then pull down the arm? Geez what a schmuck!! Still a great day with the Knights!!"
Tom Casella said" Maybe it was a good thing I wasn't there I have no patience for stupid people"

Breakfast/flea market/ lake ride

Well after having to cancel this ride in the past twice, 3rd times the charm. What a perfect day. We had a 
nice turn out 13 bike 17 people. Breakfast was very good and the people at Pogy's took very good care of us. 

Nice to see one of our newest Knights AMBER LEE SKYE...she is a great addition! Geryy(Pish) even got a denim jacket for $10!! The ride back by the lake with a stop on the rim was awesome.

Gerry (Pish) Pisciottano Said "Great ride today!"

Hump Day Ride, for us none workers and whoever wants to play hookey

Greenies put together another mid-week Ride. This wee they went to the Pelican Cafe!!

paul manna Said"If I asked for a perfect God Given Day for a ride this day would have been it in spades....I could have rode all day...."....


The festival was the same as every year.

I think we made the right choice and stopped at the Log Cabin and had lunch first.
 After a long Hot ride they were the perfect place. Always enjoyable we got free soup, a great lunch and free ice cream....can't beat that. We stayed at the festival for about an hour and then headed home. As long as we were moving it wasn't too bad, but when we stopped you would never have known it was February!!! 92 degrees!!

will Said"Hey Echoes, send some cold air this way. Great ride today, but it was HOT. Good to see everyone and thanks to MJ for making the effort and catching up with us. Thanks Greenis for doing an awesome job tailgunning."

Hump This, Ride- or Welcome Back Echoes Ride-

Slick took the Knights on a great mid-week ride. The weather started out foggy, but it cleared up and off they went.  After some very nice curvy roads, it was time for Cuban food.
Everyone said the ride and the food, and of course the company was outstanding.

Steve Greeenies Said  "Great new roads. Slick did a great job."

Member of the Month

Ricky "Shades" mostly for buying a round of drinks for 
everyone at the Iron & Clematis Vintage Motorcycle Festival

 He is  always a pleasure to be around.    

DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE TO SEE THE UPCOMING RIDES!!!                                                                                                                                                 

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