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Monthly Newsletter May 2013

Greetings from your President Will

The difference of Riding a motorcycle and driving around in a car.
By Will
Last year on a family vacation in the Smokey Mt., I found myself saying “man I wish I had my bike with me”. That got me thinking, and….writing.
OK let’s tell the truth as a Palm Beach Knight you enjoy the company of other riders more than just about anyone else. (Well mostly) Think of the biker events you’ve been too, Leesburg, Bike Week, and Roscoe’s as compared to say “Sun Fest”. While we may partake in a friendly rivalry with other bikers, it doesn't really matter what they ride, only that they understand the emancipation and independence that comes with being one of us. There is a lot to be said for being around people who recognize your frustrations when the engine doesn't purr the way it should, or if your paint job gets a scratch. (That one really hurts) There is something about pulling out onto the highway, as a member of a long line of other bikers that gives you a sense of belonging that few other things can match. Or how about doing a lane change so perfectly that it looks like a choreographed dance movement. How can anyone in a car know what that feels like? Once you've become a part of this group, once you've become a true biker, it can be difficult to be anything else.
Riding a motorcycle is poles apart from driving around in a car. Today's cars allow so many conveniences and isolate the driver from the world around them. I have always said that a car is just a conveyance to get from one place to another.  It's almost like watching a live television show while you drive around your neighborhood. In a car, you are a passive spectator. Think of all that surrounds you, a protective framework of rubber, wire, plastic and steel inclosing you. You have the voice of a GPS to tell you where you need to go, a blinking light to remind you when to put your seat belt on, and even a bell to let you know when your door is ajar (still looks like a door not a jar to me).  What’s next a special smell that lets you know you need gas?? There are heaters and air conditioning to keep you nice and comfortable on your journey. There is also a way to easily play your favorite music and sing along without thinking. (OK, I do that in my helmet)  It's a crafted environment where most times the link to the world around you is absent, gone, invisable, and kaput.
The saga differs significantly when riding on a motorcycle. That protective, and some say restrictive frame is gone. You are more physically and mentally in contact with the world around you. (Well you better be) The environment is no longer sitting outside your window of shatterproof glass or beneath the steel at your feet. The air is whipping around your helmet, you can feel the heat of the day on your arms, (or in some cases, the bald spot) whiff the exhaust or whatever they’re smoking from the other vehicles. Now that can sometimes be a disadvantage, riding through Clewiston comes to mind. You can feel the sensations and sounds of the life around you. In a very real sense riding a motorcycle allows you to become part of the environment around you. In the case of Love Bugs, they become part of you!!You feel the rain, heat, lightning and wind. You know that the sun is glaring down on your back, and your body feels the rise and sigh of every bump in the road. Unlike a car, there is no feeling of passive separation. There is only a feeling of active engagement. How many car drivers know the experience of seeing the Sun rise from the seat of their motorcycle?  Only a better writer than me could do that vision justice.
Don’t forget that any member can make a suggestion about a ride or an event. We are always looking for more new places to ride to. So if you know of a place or an event, make sure to suggest it on our website.
Of Note:
Congradulations to Steven "Gunner" for being made an officer for the Knights. Thanks for all your help!!

To help pay for the outlay to have club patches made, I'm donating a slightly used iPad to the club. It is in perfect working condition and sells for about $300 on E-bay. We will be raffling it off. Tickets are $10 and we'd have to sell at least 20 tickets, but not more than 30. 1st place wins the iPad, 2nd and 3rd a free club patch. Please help your club out and buy at least one ticket.
We have been having some really awesome rides:

Dune Deck Cafe: (Brunch) May 5th

While it was a small group we met a new member John “Kali” Kaline and his wife. Great people and I'm sure Kali will be a core member in no time. Thanks for paying your dues and buying for a club shirt, we appreciated the support.

Casa Tequila Mexican Grill  May 11

A great ride with really nice weather. We took our time and after a nice twisty road, we got there just as they opened. Some of the Knights said it was some of the best Mexican food they’ve had. We did our club proud by fighting off the invading hoard of love bugs!! I kept hearing the flight of the Valkyries running through my head. (look it up)
 I think we killed more bugs this time than ever before. I decided in the spirit of the Knights to have a contest to see who could kill the most….Steve “Greenies” was the voted winner.….he will receive his commemorative pin, and a reciepe for Love Bug suffle on the next ride.
Ride to Cafe 27 May 18th
Well I got to see another class of kids graduate from my school, which is great except I had to miss this ride. Thanks to our Capt. Kruzen for leading the ride and Paul Sachse for tailgunning. I was told something about  3/4 of flying  dead Gator or was it a flying 3/4 gator...see what happens when I'm not around.

Harry and the Natives Breakfast/Ride May 25th

We had a nice short summer ride. The weather was great even if it was a bit warm. I have to say the food and service was excellent. They sat us in no time. The place has an interesting  old Florida atmosphere. We sold 8 raffle tickets woo hoo!! We are on our way. The ride back along the beach back was very relaxing. 

Upcoming Rides don’t miss out on:
  June 1st
Rib City Immokalee June 15th
John Stretch Park B-day picnic/ride June 23rd
Clewiston Inn Sunday Brunch June 30th
Member Photo of the month:

Lauren!! Who rides a long way just to be with us. She is always smiling and never complains. Thanks Lauren for being one of the Knights!

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