Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Knights Table

Monthly Newsletter December 2012

Greetings from your President   Will
Greetings Knights, normally I would wait until the end of the month to write the newsletter, but since we may all be Zombies by then…
 (Please imagine “This is the End” by the Doors playing while you read this) or play the link wait 53 seconds and begin reading.
As we quickly approach the end of the world and are busily preparing for the Zombie apocalypse, I wanted to share some final thoughts. Let me first say what a pleasure it has been sharing our soon to be defunct planet with all of you. I have been privileged to have seen many spectacles in my life. For instance inventions like hair dryers to instant oatmeal, what a remarkable society we have created.  Our culture has embraced art in a loving and meticulous way that cannot be compared. We worship our ultimate talents like Mickey Mouse, Duck Dynasty and Lady Gaga.  I’ll miss it all.
Now for, as to how we should handle the whole Zombie thing, no problem. First make sure you start to hang out with people who run or ride slower than you do!! Very important tip! Also, buying the red tip Zombie bullets at the gun show (yes they really do sell them) is a waste of money. Good old fashion shot guns seems to work the best. Please aim for the brain!  By the way if by some chance I do become a Zombie, I hope you won’t condemn me or feel ill will towards me if I happen to eat your brains. Really it’s nothing personal; it’s just kind of a walking dead/Zombie thing.
For all of you who have been stocking up on canned food and other essentials, I have a question. Why?  If the world is going to explode and we are all going to be floating in space (my daughter’s class’s theory) I don’t think some extra cans of baked Beans or Spam is going to be the answer. I’m just saying!  Also, is it me or does it appear as if the cosmos have a sick sense of irony that the world will end a few days before I get to open my Christmas presents. What is even worse is that I think I’m finally getting that part for my motorcycle I’ve really wanted! Maybe I’ll open them early; it’s as good an excuse as any. My fellow doomed comrades we should be rejoicing; after all we humans have had a pretty good run. We’ve been here for thousands of years; of course we will probably be outlived by cockroaches, but still not too shabby.  Lastly, if by some chance we do not all explode, get eaten by Zombies, face a nuclear Holocaust, the collapse of the electrical grid, or find ourselves floating in space, I would like all the money back that I’ve been giving away.  No really….hey, I’m not kidding!!
                          YB,(your Brother)

Now back to our regularly scheduled newsletter.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. It started out with us doing charity work, when we participated in Bills Toys for Tots. The Palm Beach Knights will be participating it other charity events. I hope you find the time to join us. I wish all of you very happy holiday and a very safe and healthy new year.
Of Note:
Don't forget that any member can make a suggestion about a ride or an event. We are always looking for more new places to ride to. So if you know of a place or an event, make sure to suggest it on our website.
While we try to mix up our rides as much as possible, it's highly unlikely that I'm going to please everyone all the time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the rides that I have been on our schedule so far. I am always looking for feedback and new ideas. Your participation is what makes this club great.
In Addition:
As of January 1st the dues will increase slightly to $15 a year, and shirts will be short sleeve $22 long sleeve $31. The funds offset the cost of the site and hopefully will enable us to have a yearly party.
Any member may bring a guest on a ride, as long as they tell the organizers before that date. A person may ride with us 2 times as a guest, and then they will need to join. We are doing this because we believe in the long run this will make us a closer more cohesive club that will hopefully establish lifelong friends.  Remember we are always interested in your ideas. This is your club.
Please remember that as “Knights” we need to do the following:
Fill out the new members form. (see Will)
  1. Pay your support dues. ( you can also order a club shirt)
  2. Participate in an event at least every 90 days.(there are exceptions)

We have been having some really awesome rides:
Well it was a real privilege to participate in Bill’s Toy Run. The day started out with a nice breakfast where we saw a lot of old friends, and even got a few new members (welcome Khris and Pam). While there was a lot of waiting around, we got to see a lot of other bikes, and see a lot of other people. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this event as the Knights will always try and help out our community.



The next ride was really very special. We had a lot of participation on the ride to shark Valley in the Everglades. The weather couldn't have been better, and the riding couldn't have been smoother. Thank you to Mark Ride Bell and Mark Kruzen for helping out as tail gunner. While it was a long day, it was well worth it. Other than some construction delays, the ride went very smoothly. I want to give a lot of credit to Stephen as this was his first long ride. If any of you have sat on his bike you will know what a challenge that was. I think he now believes us when we say "it's time to get a windshield". Sorry if I sounded like I was giving a lecture on the Everglades, but being a teacher I can't help it. By the way if you could not make the ride and you get the chance, make sure you take a look at the pictures from the ride.


Member Photo of the month

Steve Sied

Our member of the month is Steve. Steve has been a very active member since the very beginning. He will be receiving his special secrete core patch.

Make sure to look for upcoming rides already on our calendar!!!! See ya on the next adventure.

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